DIYBypass Parking Brake Override Bypass for Kenwood

Will work on All DDX, DNX, XDVD, BT, S Models You’re looking at the newest in technology that is programmed down to the thousandth of a second for EXTREME accuracy. DO not be fooled into thinking that the old relay trick, or just permanently grounding the parking brake wire will work anymore. Aftermarket radios are getting harder and harder to bypass and CANNOT BE DONE WITH A SIMPLE RELAY. With this new bypass, timing is EVERYTHING!!! Several seconds of delay and multiple ground pulses at the rights points in time are needed in order to accurately bypass the parking brake feature of some of the most complicated DVD and Navigation units. WARNING: It is both ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS to watch videos from the front seat while vehicle is in motion. This product is for offroad and show use only and is not intended to be used otherwise.

Product Features

  • 5 Minute install (3 Wires to connect)
  • Pre-Programmed to provide Multiple Ground Pulses (No previous install experience required)
  • Fully automatic (Turns on automatically when the radio is powered on)
  • Ultra slim design. SMALLEST ON AMAZON! Guaranteed to Work!
  • WARNING: This product is for show, off-road, and retail display use only. It is dangerous and in most states considered to be illegal to watch video from the front seat of a moving vehicle. Check local laws.

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2 Responses to DIYBypass Parking Brake Override Bypass for Kenwood

  1. Anonymous says:

    Failed to work with Kenwood ddx9703s… Sad day For the price I figured I couldn’t go wrong as it looked exactly like the more expensive version listed on Amazon that is specific for Kenwood. Unfortunately the product not only failed to work, but was also damaged as the plastic surrounding the electronics was ripped. Read all the instructions provided, tried hooking up twice, and was obviously frustrated when it failed to work. There goes an hour of my time plus multiple wiring crimps. DO NOT state it works for “Kenwood” if it does…

  2. Anonymous says:

    One Star Great item. Saves the hassle of having to hook op to the parking brake if you’re actually going to do it. My last car I just grounded the wire. I put a switch on it though so if I did get stopped for watching a movie while driving, I’d hit the switch and say “see officer? It won’t play video unless the parking brake is on. Maybe that was an album cover changing from my iPhone music playing? Yeah I know I’m an awful person. I’ve had days where I sit in traffic in the heavy snow for 4-5 hours…