Kenwood TM-281A 144MHz FM Transceiver

Price includes:

MC-59 DTMF Keypad Microphone
10′ DC Power Cable
Mounting Bracket
Microphone Hanger
Necessary Hardware
1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Product Features

  • Rugged compact contruction, High Power= 65 Wts, Alphanumeric LCD
  • 200 Memory Channel, 6 alphanumeric characters offers 100 memory channels
  • CTCSS/DTCS Enconder/Decoder, Weather Alert/RX
  • Meets MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F and G environmental standards for vibration and shock

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3 Responses to Kenwood TM-281A 144MHz FM Transceiver

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a good radio, well worth the price This is a good radio, well worth the price, carefully and well documented and has plenty of power. In low power mode you can use the cigarette lighter (25 Watts), but to use high power mode (65 Watts) you will definitely need a battery connection. Most noteworthy is the case and construction. This is not a simple cheap device. There’s a lot of aluminum and the front facing speaker is perfect. This is a product built to last, as are most Kenwood radios – the radio this replaced was also a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Five Stars Easy to program and works very well. Hooked it up to a vertical ground plane antenna (Firestik 2MCKB ) and easily hitting repeaters 100+ miles away.UPDATE: I have been using this radio for several days now…and it just keeps getting more impressive. Do yourself a favor and keep the manual close by for a while…for a basic radio, this thing is loaded with features and it will take a while to memorize how to use them all.UPDATE: It’s been over a year since I started…

  3. Anonymous says:

    You won’t find a better 2-meter rig for the money! I had the predecessor to this radio (the TM-271A), and this one is even better. Took only a few minutes to install the mounting bracket in the car, and hook up the radio. I get nothing but good signal reports on transmit, and receive sounds even better thanks to that legendary Kenwood audio. On 25 watts I’m able to easily hit repeaters as far as 50 miles away. I haven’t tested the 65 watt setting yet, because I still only have it plugged into the cigarette lighter receptacle. To use the high…